Alice WPA Calculator – Database May 2011

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The unauthorized access to a computer system or computer is a crime punishable by law (art. 615-Tues cp).
The illegal possession and distribution of access codes to computer systems or computer is a criminal offense punishable under the law 615.
The use of the above is to be referred to a safety test on your network or on a network where the owner has expressly given consent freely to assess its safety and to address any vulnerabilities.

Although we had talked long ago of the possibility of recovering WPA keys generated on the default router Telecom Italy Alice.
The algorithm is based on an equation between the network SSID, Router Serial and two constants, defined it as "magic numbers" or "magic numbers" (QEK).
In the past, the problem has always been that the database of these magic numbers were not very large, with the logical consequence that it was often difficult to calculate the key.
Since the discovery of the algorithm of generation today, but, the database of known magic numbers has been updated as. allowing us to increase the possibility of calculating the WPA password our Telecom Italy Alice router.
router alice
WHICH the link to download the software ALICE WPA CALCULATOR 2.0 with its database of magic numbers updated.

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